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Let’s get started on finding the best senior care solution to fit your needs!


Seniors enjoying life because they have put their trust in Mark Levy

At Senior Solutions, we start our process by having a conversation with you in order to obtain a clear understanding of the situation you are facing.  Based on your needs, finances, and geographical preferences, we will identify options for you and help you, step-by-step, through the entire process. 


Others, in our industry, will send you a list of options for you to research.  They will email your contact information to these providers and suggest they contact you.  That’s the totality of their service to you.  This results in you having to receive call after call, having to repeat your story over and over again, and then trying to make the determination between your options on our own and with limited experience in doing so. 


Because this is no time to add more stress to your life, we take a different approach.  At Senior Solutions, we work with you, hand-in-hand, to make sure we connect you with resources that are a good fit for your needs.  If you are looking for a private-pay Assisted Living or a Dementia/Alzheimer’s Community, we will be more than happy to accompany you on your tours of the facilities and serve as your personal advocate through the entire process.  As a broker for the industry at large, we are not tied to any one community. This allows us the freedom and flexibility to truly focus on what is in the best interest to you or your loved one. 

Trusted Resources

For years, families have told us our services were a blessing to them during their time of need.  As a trusted industry source, we receive referrals from a number of industry professionals, including:  

No Charge

Our service is free to you.  If we help you select a private-pay Assisted Living or Memory Care community, we receive compensation from that facility for our work.

  • Hospital Social Service Case Managers

  • Physicians

  • Satisfied Customers  (See Our Testimonials)

  • Rehab Center Social Workers

  • Physical Therapists

"Mark, I can not thank you enough for your words of wisdon, advice and great follow-up.  You have provided me so much hope at a time when I was truly overwhelmed.  God bless you!"

~  Sheila M.

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