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About Our Founder



Mark Levy, Owner of Senior Solutions Orland Park
Founder, Mark Levy
About Senior Solutions

Our founder, Mark Levy, worked for 28 years in corporate America.  He served as Vice President of Operations for an Illinois-based company.  In 2009, Mark suffered a stroke at the age of 47.


While he was fortunate to recover without any long-term residual effects, his life was forever changed.  He developed a new perspective after navigating the medical world looking for direction.  After going through this, he understood the importance of having an experienced advocate working on your behalf.  

In 2012, Mark transitioned to the senior care industry and opened his office in Homewood, Illinois.  Mark and his team are dedicated to helping seniors and their families find the peace of mind they deserve.  

In His Own Words

“After my stroke I was searching for answers.  I needed to know why it happened and what I can do to prevent this from happening again.  My world had been shaken and I felt like I was unable to control my own destiny.  After having to switch doctors three times, I finally found someone who took  a interest in me as a person and when he cleared his calendar and took the time to answer all of my questions, I finally was able to find relief and regain hope.  It was this impact that this one doctor had on me, that motivated me to change fields with the hope of helping others in the same way.  I welcome the opportunity to assist others in taking back control of their destiny and find the peace of mind they deserve.

Receive personalized attention finding a solution for your needs. 

  • Assisted Living

  • Memory Care Communities

  • Independent Living

  • Skilled Nursing 

  • Senior Home Care

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